ORL – Cochlear Implants

DISPOMED, Ltd. supplies Cochlear Implants for children and adults. Cochlear Implant is an electronic device that is intended to  directly stimulate auditory nerve  , which leads of the sound from the cochlea to the brain by  electrical signals. Although the implant can not heal of damaged ear, it provides of a sound information in the form of electrical impulses for people with severe hearing impairment. It is a way how to increase the ability of a speech hearing. Cochlear Implants are more effective than hearing aids, because implanted electrodes  can stimulate of the auditory nerve directly. But the effect is different for different patients. Cochlear Implants are pruduced by OTICON MEDICAL Company. For information about implantation, consult the ENT CLINIC and SURGERY OF HEAD AND NECK, Trieda SNP 1, Košice

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